A Return

I have decided to delve back into the world of book blogging.  I never wanted to leave.  The way our lives unfold, however, sometimes separates us from the small joys.

If there are any lingering readers who have forgotten to update their readers, you will notice that I have deleted my past posts.  This was done to give myself a fresh start.  My opinions may no longer be the same.  Motherhood has a way of maturing us in ways nothing else can.  I tended to be more negative in the past.  That is something that I want to rectify on my future posts.  Unless a book truly warrants a harsh criticism (and very few that I have read do), I want to try to be more upbeat and positive about the books I read.  Reading brings me joy.  I want to share that joy with like-minded folks who are seeking opinions and information about books.  It's so easy to be caught up in the negativity of the world.  I really do not want to contribute any more.  I want to celebrate books.  They are truly wonderful things.

Another reason that I deleted past posts is because, in addition to discussing books that I have read, I plan on sharing our home education experience.  My children are currently six, five, and three years old.  We are starting our journey.  I find so many ideas and encouragement from other home educating blogs, that I want to be included in that experience.

How this will all evolve, I can only speculate.  But I am excited to be back on the journey.

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